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Test items Urine particles: urine red blood cells, white blood cells, squamous cell, the squamous epithelial cells, and transparent tube, unclassifled tubular, crystallization, mucus, bacteria, yeast and white blood cells, sperm, etc Leukocyte(LEU) Nitrite(NIT) Urobilinogen(UBG) Protein(PRO) pH(pH) Blood(BLD) Specific gravity(SG) Ketone (KET) Billirubin(BIL) Glucose(GLU) Ascorbic acid(VC) Calcium(CA) Creatinine(CRE) Microalbumin(MALB) Turbidity(Turbidity) Color(Color)
Monochromatic wavelength 520nm, 570nm, 610nm, 650nm
Measurement Principle Urine particles:Analysis of plane flow cytometry techniques  Test Strip: Refletance methodSpecific  Gravity: Refraction method(Matching hydrometer) Turbidity: Scattering method Color :RGB Trichromatic method
Measurement speed 240strips/hour
Test tube rack capacity 6 test tube rack(Accommodate 60 samples
Sample capacity >3ml
Inhalation sample capacity <2ml
Applicable strip Special urinalysis test strip of YH-1800 10A, 11A, 12A, 13A, 14A
Data storage 1 million records
External ouput RS-232 serial interface, Parallel printer interface
Display screen 8-inch color touch LCD screen and computer screen
Language Chinese, English
Power source 100~220V
Power 120VA
Fuse specification  250V 2A
Weight 70Kg
Size 700*745*584(mm)

YH-2180 Full Automatic Urinalysis Hybid

Product features

  1. Color touch screen display, menu operation interface, convenient operation.

  2. New cold light source testing technology, strong anti-interference, high sensitivity, good stability.

  3. The instrument includes 8 inch color touch LCD screen. It could identify sample position and information automatically which could improve efficiency. It could accommodate more than 200 urine strips and could could add any time.

  4. Automatic sampling device. The samples do not need centrifugation or pretreatment. Just put into the rack and the instrument would test.

  5. Emergency insertion function. The instrument would give priority to deal with the emergency sample without stopping the routine detection.

  6. The instrument could add certain sample intelligently according to the urine strip reaction block which ensure the adequacy of the reaction and uniformity.

  7. Accurate quantitative sample technology which avoids cross contamination between projects.

  8. The instrument could do quantitative analysis to SG. It could test the sample color and turbidity.

  9. The instrument could accommodate 60 samples.

  10. A complete alarm system.

  11. The function of automatic calibration and charges, quality control.

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