Technical parameters

Standards Parameter
Scope of detection LEU, NIT, URO, PH, BLD, SG, KET, BIL, GLU, VC, CRE, MCA, Ratio of MCA and CRE, Total 15 Items
Test strip type 8A, 10A, 11A, 12A, 13A, 14A
Detection principle Baffled photometer measures the change of strip color and calculate the density of according item, then output the result.
Detection wavelength 525nm, 565nm, 620nm, 660nm
Detection speed 180 reports/hour
Report way liquid crystal display, serial port output, Internal 57nm thermal printing with English and Chinese, external Pin type printing with English and Chinese
Screen 800*480 TFT-LCD Color touch screen
Input mode Color touch screen operation, the specimen bar code scanning input, the strip bar code scanning identification
Report memory Memory 5000 reports
External interface Standard RS-232 serial port and parallel port can connect external printer, bar code scanner and computer port
Working voltage AC220/110V ± 15%,50/60Hz(This can be customized by requirement)
Power consumption 50VA
Size 405x335x220mm
Weight 5kg

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