Artificial intelligence voxel technology unveiled China Medi


China Internet News Center (China Network) consumer channel reported in Shanghai in August 17th, the seventh China Medical Equipment Supervision and Management International Forum (CIMDR) held in Hangzhou International Expo center. Focus on artificial intelligence in the field of medical VoxelCloud (voxel Technology) in AI medical image for the audience by surprise, CEO Ding Xiaowei made the theme of "medical image analysis technology" speech, the emergence of new technology to build a new bridge for artificial intelligence and modern medical technology, for this forum considerably.
At the meeting, Ding Xiaowei introduced the R & D process of artificial intelligence medical products, methods and technical details. With the help of VoxelCloud technology and voxel itself is in the approval process of the 5 products in the research and the other 3 products in these cases, the depth of the machine learning algorithm is how to play the role of innovation in clinical application, and how these products affect both the clinical work process.
In recent years, with the advent of graphical computing units and new training depth neural network model, artificial intelligence has entered the era of deep learning and large data driven. However, due to the particularity of medical data and the diversity of application forms, the application of these cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements is still in its infancy. Artificial intelligence technology enterprise voxel Technology (VoxelCloud) with its mature research and technology, has been the first to try artificial intelligence in the medical field of clinical applications, and walked in the industry front.

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