"Two high" out of the new regulations severely pun


2017 CCTV 315 party, the exposure of the domestic cross-border electricity supplier platform to sell food from Japan's Fukushima nuclear pollution area, causing social and public attention. As early as June 13, 2011, issued in the "on the further strengthening of food imports from Japan agricultural products inspection and quarantine supervision notice", the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued the "notice" on the adjustment of Japan's exports to China's food and agricultural products inspection and quarantine measures, China banned from the Fukushima Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Tokyo County, Tochigi all 10 counties are imported food, edible agricultural products and feed. For 6 years, the impact of Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident continues, and China is still prohibited from importing food produced in the area surrounding the nuclear accident. FDA also issued a ban on imports of Japanese products in March 6, 2017: Detention, Without, Physical, Examination, of, Products, from, Japan,, Due, to, Radionuclide, Contamination.
In fact, nuclear pollution in our life, and is not limited to the scope of food and agricultural products, such as cars, clothing, medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic reagents in medical devices affected by nuclear contamination (such as in Tochigi County of Japan chemical plant type will Moumou diagnostic reagent production agency). Diagnostic reagents need to be used in a variety of raw and processed materials, including water, enzymes and other biochemical products, with the largest component being water. At the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, the media have exposed areas around Fukushima seawater and groundwater contaminated water, these may be Tochigi county and other counties around Fukushima contaminated water sources, if these "poisonous water" has become the diagnostic reagent production materials, diagnostic reagent has become a dangerous the radioactive source, threatening the use of the product of medical staff. Although our country of Japanese food imports were strictly limited, but has not yet been to Japan imported medical devices and other products for nuclear radiation detection, may make the contaminated goods into the country, causing damage to the health of medical staff.
Nuclear leakage results in the release of radioactive material into the environment, which can cause contamination of food, water sources and the surrounding environment. These radioactive materials are gradually deposited into the objects in the radiation zone, which makes them radioactive. Materials contaminated by radioactive materials have a great harm to human health. After exposure to food or articles contaminated by nuclear radiation, the body's chromosomes and immune system are damaged, and abnormal renal function, increased heart thrombus, and fibrin hyperplasia are seen. If the iodine -131 released in the Fukushima nuclear accident enters the human thyroid gland, it can cause thyroid cancer.
From the face of the Fukushima nuclear accident in the nuclear area of memory pollution risk of all kinds of goods, the public must be vigilant, try not to buy, do not use the product of these regional goods, found such goods should be promptly reported to the regulators, and the strong support of domestic products, to support the development of national industry China beneficial to the people's livelihood food and medical treatment, to avoid Japan's nuclear accident.

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