The establishment of the general assembly of 3D printing Med


Shanghai Beijing News (reporter Tang Yanjun) in August 21, the day before, China Medical Devices Industry Association 3D Print Medical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "special committee") the establishment of the general assembly and the opening ceremony was held in Shanghai, the establishment of the General Assembly held marking 3D printing, digital medical industry will enter a new stage of development, will build a good platform to promote the healthy development of China's digital medical and medical 3D printing equipment industry.
The result of election meeting, committee by Chinese Academy of Engineering Lu Bingheng Dai Keirong, academician of the chairman of the Joint Committee of experts, including 39 experts, and composed of 88 enterprises 3D Print Medical committee.
During the same period, the 2017 fifth Shanghai international digital medical and intelligent equipment exhibition and Summit (DME) kicked off. As the first domestic medical equipment industry association, by China China Medical Devices Industry Association 3D printing medical club, Tongji Medical Group, ten of the Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Hongkong Paper Group Exhibition jointly organized by DEM2017, the exhibition of 3D printing, digital and intelligent medical equipment "as the theme as a professional exhibition, 3D printing, digital medical industry, DME2017 to 3D printing, digital and intelligent medical equipment industry to build authority, professional exchanges and cooperation platform. Around the development of industrial technology prospects, 3D printing 3D printing industry of China's global technology strategy and development path, the 3D printing industry application status and trends of the core content, showcasing China's 3D printing, digital medical manufacturing enterprise development and business model innovation.
"An exhibition +16 forum as 3D printing, digital medical industry authority platform, DME2017 launched a comprehensive brand exhibition, special materials exhibition, exhibition, exhibition services, technology class, VR class, Powerise forum, branch support features eight brand exhibition in novel form, products include 3D, printer 3D scanning and software, 3D technology, 3D printing materials and printing services, to create a set of products, service and application mode in one of the 3D printing industry chain, so that buyers can" one-stop "purchase. In addition, as the highlight of DME - Exhibition held a "new medical reform, new opportunities and new challenges," the forum of increasing material manufacturing and VSP virtual operation planning platform with digital medical - 3Dsystems sixteen summit agenda setting, focusing on the current domestic and foreign 3D printing, digital medical industry development trend and the current industry hot spots, invite the competent department of the government leaders, industry experts, business representatives of typical in-depth discussion on the 3D printing, digital medical industry policy, current situation, development and application of the new technology industry development direction and path and other issues, for the industry of digital medical 3D printing in China, the healthy and orderly development of suggestions. (end)

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