Judge your health according to your urine color


When it comes to red orange yellow green blue purple we thought is certainly a rainbow. In fact, there is a rainbow in our body, which reflects the change of our body, that is, the color of urine. According to the color of urine to determine changes in the body, let us keep in mind the health of their bodies.
Healthy Yellow: healthy urine, should be light yellow, bright, no precipitation, turbidity phenomenon, like you brew the first tea. Of course, when you drink too much water, the urine can be as colorless as boiling water. When you drink less and sweat more, it's like a yellow beer. These are normal conditions.
Unhealthy color:
Colorless urine: did you drink too much water the day before? If so, that's OK. If not, we should pay attention to it. Instead of drinking too much water, it can be a precursor to diabetes insipidus, diabetes, or chronic interstitial nephritis. Need to go to the hospital for further examination.
Opal: urine can be divided into three situations: the pyuria: urine white, like the rice water, and often with floc suspended sediment, standing there. If the patients accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, may be renal tuberculosis, pyonephrosis or caused by foreign body obstruction, urinary tract infection, may also be suffering from prostatitis, gonorrhea, non gonococcal urethritis disease. The chyluria: color is more rich than pyuria, like milk, sometimes mixed with white or blood clots. This may be due to fatigue or eating fatty foods. Take adequate rest or eat low-fat foods to restore normal urine. Crystalline urine: urine color white, like lime water samples, often appear in the urine. Urine cases slightly unwell, there are occasional occurrence of renal colic. Crystalline urine is not a disease, but the amount of urine is not enough, so in this case patients, the key is to drink plenty of boiled water.
Deep yellow urine: if you drink less water, the urine is yellow and normal. But if the urine is yellow and strong tea, and you haven't eaten the yellow food such as carrot and orange these days, you should consider whether the liver or gall bladder is out of order. In addition, if your urine is yellow turbid pyuria, may be purulent urinary organ performance.
Red urine: look at you currently have beet, amaranth, blueberry, color of food, if not, there is blood in the urine. This macroscopic hematuria is a common symptom. For example, suffering from urinary system diseases (infection, trauma, cancer, etc.), all kinds of primary, secondary and hereditary nephritis, bladder, urethral calculi, vascular diseases are common causes of hematuria. It may even be a manifestation of lead or mercury poisoning.
Blue urine: urine of this color, usually associated with medication, caused by non disease. For example, the use of diuretics triamterene, methylene blue and indigo carmine, salicylic acid, or injection of methylene blue injection, there will be a blue urine drug, after the return to normal.
If there is no medication experience, it may be caused by urinary tract infection or some diseases. Blue urine can be found in cholera, typhus, primary high calcium, vitamin D poisoning and so on. Obstruction of the small intestine, intestinal typhoid, peritonitis, intestinal peristalsis, chronic gastritis, gastric cancer, gastric acid secretion decreased, intestinal protein degradation increased decomposition, urine will be blue.
Green urine: urine presents this color, symptoms can be light and heavy. Light urine, pale green, after taking a large amount of anti-inflammatory medicine, or you have eaten some colored food. Urine should be green, urethral by certain bacterial infections, in the urine of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to breed, urine will appear green.
Black urine: this kind of urine is rare, often occurs in patients with acute intravascular hemolysis, such as malignant malaria patients, medical called "black urine fever", is one of the most serious complications of falciparum malaria. In addition, phenol poisoning or melanoma, and uric acid will also discharge black urine. Black urine should be treated immediately.
In addition, our daily life also often encounter foam urine, in most cases, the urine bubble is normal, only a small number of people, urine foam may be the symptoms of proteinuria. If the urine bubble and accompanied by lumbar acid fatigue and other symptoms, we should consider the kidney problem.
In short, the different color of urine reflects the different conditions of our body, and found that urine color changes, first of all pre assessment, if there is a problem, need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, to ensure our health!

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