Hold the 5 hazards!




Hold the 5 hazards! The last one is very serious!
Bieniao, believe that most people experience in some special cases, and know that the worse. But the harm may not be clear, or just a smattering of knowledge.
Urine is one of the wastes produced by human metabolism. It is 95% to 97% water, and 3% to 5% is solid. Solids consist mainly of electrolytes and non protein nitrogen. The electrolyte, with chlorine, sodium and potassium ions three more; non protein nitrogen, using urea as the most, these chemical elements are the human body cannot be used, if not promptly excreted, may result in severe azotemia and uremia!
This is not alarmist, want to know all about it? Look below......
1, damage bladder function
If often consciously hold back, will make the control of bladder contraction to nerve function disorder, the detrusor muscle tension is abate, cause dysuria, urinary retention caused.
2, lead to urinary tract infection
Urine retention in the body for a long time, there are bacteria urine can not be discharged in time, easily lead to cystitis. If the bacterium traces, but also can cause urethritis, pyelonephritis, even affects the kidney function.
3, prostatitis
Bieniao let bladder, oppressive prostate, aggravating the deposit of prostate fluid, easy to cause the prostate disease attack, the patients appear frequent micturition, urgency, nocturia, dysuria, perineal, testicular pain and other symptoms.
4 、 induced bladder cancer
Urine often stays in the bladder for a long time, and the toxic and harmful substances stimulate bladder mucosa cells for a long time, which may induce bladder cancer. Urination less risk of bladder cancer is higher; there are very accustomed to people, increase the risk of cancer is 3~5 times more than the average person.
5, induced micturition syncope
Micturition syncope and urine cataplexy, mainly for people in urination due to a brief loss of consciousness and suddenly fainted. Hold too long sudden urination, easily lead to nerve hyperexcitability and bladder emptying too fast, abdominal pressure, blood down, resulting in the decrease of blood pressure and heart rate, cerebral insufficiency, cause micturition syncope. It may lead to other diseases, such as heart or blood pressure, diseases, and even lead to sudden death.
Proposed mitigation method
Drink plenty of water:
The recommended amount of 2000-3000cc per day is enough water to protect the urinary tract. In fact, as long as you experience any bladder or urethral discomfort, you can take a lot of water before you go to the doctor. Because the accelerated excretion, is the best way to solve all urinary problems, can effectively slow down the disease, do not because of fear of trouble in the toilet and not drink water.

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