Prevention of bladder cancer


Mention bladder cancer, may be a lot of friends, first reaction will think this disease is rare disease, more will think this disease is inferior to lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer and other malignant tumor, malignant degree is high. In fact, however, bladder cancer is the most common malignancy of the urinary system and has been increasing in recent years.
Over the past 10 years, the incidence of bladder cancer has increased year by year, both male and female, both in urban and rural areas. It should be said that without further attention to the prevention and control, the incidence of bladder cancer will increase, because the degree of aging of the population is increasing year by year. Here are some of the major risk factors for bladder cancer to prevent this disease.
1, maintain a reasonable diet structure
Usually pay attention to appropriate intake of vegetables, fruits, to ensure that the body adequate vitamins and trace elements, in order to decompose the body's carcinogenic substances nitrosamines. At the same time also should try to eat less meat, high intake of fat, cholesterol, fried foods and red meat may increase the risk of bladder cancer, because the meat in the metabolic process, can produce similar aniline and benzidine structure material. These substances can easily induce bladder cancer. Studies have shown that eating more legumes and sodas may increase the risk of bladder cancer.
2 quit smoking and alcohol restriction
Cigarette smoking is the most positive risk factor for bladder cancer at present. 30%~50% of bladder cancer is caused by smoking. Cigarette smoking can increase the risk of bladder cancer by 2~4 times. Cigarette smoke, nicotine, tar and other specific nitrosamines toxic carcinogens, and very prone to bladder cancer. Persistent urinary carcinogens in smokers continued to increase metabolism, whereas levels of tryptophan returned to normal as soon as the cessation of smoking occurred. A large number of smokers have higher concentrations of carcinogens in their urine. Of course, passive smokers will suffer. Not smokers do not learn to smoke. So, just from the point of view of the prevention of bladder cancer, but also determined to quit smoking. In addition, although the association between alcohol and bladder cancer is not clear, studies have shown that bladder cancer rates among drinkers are 2.53 times higher than that of non drinkers.
3, strengthen occupational protection
Another important risk factor for bladder cancer is long-term exposure to industrial chemicals, and about 20% of the bladder is caused by occupational factors. The doctor found that long-term exposure to aromatic amines, such as rubber, plastic and chemical groups, bladder cancer, risk and contact time, dosage of aromatic amine and close degree is proportional to the size of. Occupation of carcinogenic substances into the body, the metabolism of decomposition, some carcinogenic substances as waste with the urine is stored in the bladder, due to urinary retention time is longer, the bladder in the course of time, bladder carcinogenesis by long-term and repeated stimulation, easy canceration. Therefore, we should strengthen occupational protection, improve labor protection facilities, and prevent carcinogens from entering the human body through the respiratory tract or digestive tract as much as possible.
4, eliminate local inflammation factors such as cancer
Early treatment of chronic cystitis, bladder stones, tuberculosis and foreign body diseases, or the elimination of local stimulation factors, can effectively prevent bladder malignant change. Intravesical physical, chemical or biological adverse factors, if the long-term stimulation of the bladder mucosa, can cause cell dysplasia and simple squamous epithelium tissue transformation, cystic tissue transformation or glandular tissue transformation, ultimately malignant bladder cancer. There are parasitic diseases such as schistosomiasis, Jigzhi healed, also can cause bladder cancer.
5. Drink plenty of water and urinate frequently
Usually should develop more water, more tea, frequent urination habits. You should urinate once every 1~2 hours. The amount of urine can reduce the concentration of carcinogens in bladder urine and reduce the damage to bladder mucosa. In addition, the less water, the time interval between the urine must be extended, which will give some bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, etc., in the bladder to create favorable conditions for reproduction. The increase of the concentration of bacteria in urine can not only induce cystitis, but also stimulate the bladder mucosa continuously, and further aggravate the damage to the bladder wall, which leads to bladder cancer. Data have shown that the majority of patients with bladder cancer is usually less water, less tea people. Therefore, not only to drink water and tea, and voiding ground, do not hold back.
In addition, the application of chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide, abuse containing phenacetin analgesics, short-term and long-term history of pelvic irradiation, long-term drinking water with high arsenic content and chlorine disinfection of water, coffee, artificial sweeteners and Hair Coloring may also be the pathogenic factors of bladder cancer, should also be paid attention to.

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